Technical Department oversees and supports all technical operations of our fleet vessels as well as the new ship building projects. A key element for the success of a modern Bulk Carrier Management Company is its strict adherence to the relevant rules / regulations and industry standards including the voluntary adoption of environmental and safety measures. This, coupled with a well-planned proactive maintenance program for the vessels, their equipment and systems, results in maximizing the availability of the fleet, minimizing costly repairs and providing our charterers with safe, high-quality and reliable shipping services.

The success of our new building projects relies upon a full appreciation of the latest technical innovations within the shipping and shipbuilding industry in general, and the bulker industry in particular. On top of this strong foundation, our Company adds its extensive in-service operating experience to ensure its fleet incorporates the latest technology, a practical approach to ship operations and human interface, as well as industry best practices.


Our fleet operates all over the world, safely carrying bulk cargoes for our customers, which among others include the largest shippers and charterers in the dry bulk sector. Daily we arrive and depart, load and discharge worldwide. We sail across the Atlantic, the Indian and the Pacific Oceans, and the neighbouring seas, and we do it efficiently and safely, always meeting statutory regulations and exceeding industry requirements as set both by recognized organizations and our customers. We believe in and are dedicated to promoting our target of SAFE, CLEAN and EFFICIENT dry bulk operations.


Generally, all ships are manned with seafarers from Greece, the Philippines, Romania and Ukraine. The employment standards of our seafarers exceed the minimum mandatory requirements of the Flag Administrations.

Our Company is efficiently contributing to the education of the next generation of Officers aiming to employ a significant number of cadets every training semester. The majority of our officers have been promoted on board the Company's fleet (about 90% of senior officers). In our Company we pride ourselves on our seafarers’ retention rate touching 90%.

Furthermore, a significant percentage of our shore-based superintendents and managers are promoted and have served on MDM vessels. The Company has established an innovative crew wages scheme, keeping senior officers compensated for the period that they are on vacation (stand-by wages) and rewards crew loyalty with extra seniority bonuses. In addition, private health insurance packages are in place for senior officers and their families.


Our goal, embedded in all our actions and activities, is to deliver our services uninterrupted, with zero incidents and lapses.

With commitment initiated by the Top Management and embraced by all, the protection of people’s health, safety and security, minimal environmental impact and energy efficiency are of paramount importance in all our decisions.

A robust, thorough and innovative Safety Management System (SMS), prepared by us for us, sets the framework within which our policies are implemented; ensuring that compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is maintained at all times and industry best practices are applied and exceeded.

With our people as our greatest strength, our SMS as the tool and safety culture as the prevailing attribute, synergy, development, and advancement are achieved.


The chartering for MDM is carried out from Athens and Singapore, the latter via Maran Asia.

The team is comprised of experienced and highly skilled in-house brokers, all of whom were previously commercial brokers. The Chartering Department is responsible for exploring the various employment opportunities for the vessels, negotiating and pursuing the right contracts. The team’s aspiration is to develop and maintain relationships with first class charterers.


DELPHIC MTC in the Angelicoussis Group was the first in-house training center established by a major shipping company in Greece in 2004. At the time, very few shipping companies in Europe had their own in-house training facilities.

Our Group’s training center is a pioneer and its vision is to remain on the frontline of in-house training, serve the values of the Angelicoussis Group, as well as develop and deliver high quality training courses through continual improvement.